Experience in Entertainment Event Organizing
Theme parties, dances, concerts and bazaars for over 8 years including:
  • Talent Show & Miss Collage Contest 2002
  • Talent Show & The first Mrs. Adama Contest in 2003
  • Third Africa Unite Event that proceeded Addis Ababa and Shashemane concerts entitled Roots Rock Reggae Concert & Bazaar in Feb 2005 as a fundraising for the Crown Prince Zere Yacob. (Participants included Rita Marley, Bob Andy, Freddlocks, Sangie Davis, Sydney Salmon with other local and international artists)
  • Talent Show & East African Bashment Crew Concert in May 2005.  (Participants included Necessary Noise from Kenya-Tanzania, and Bebe Kul from Uganda alongside an African Dramatical Fashion Show organized alongside A.A.I.P.  The location was in two sites, Addis and Adama).
  • Hosted the making of 2 video clips by East African Bashment by touring Oromia Region.
  • Pre-Millennium Roots Rock Reggae Concert & Bazaar in Sept 2007
  • ADAMA 2000 New Generation-New Attitude Concert and Campaign Launch in Sept 2007. 
  • Along with several partnering youth associations, Safari Lodge has organized and hosted the Miss Adama Contest in October of 2008
  • She was the primary financier of the Oromia festival in December 2008 including talent shows, tour of the rift valley by mobile dj and 2 musical concerts in Shashemane and Adama.
  • Instigated a public holiday for community development including Red Cross blood donations every December as of Dec 2008
  • Hosted several youth gathering ceremonies since the initiation of the project every 2 months since October 2008, including youth groups in Adama, Shashemane, and Addis youths.
  • By collaborating with sanitation groups, government bodies, Medical clinics and the youth, she hosted several awareness platforms whereby uniting the sanitation workers and the youth were the main areas of concentration.

Recreation & Entertainment

The Safari Lodge offers a variety of recreational activities for resident guests and the community throughout the week. Some of these activities include swimming, horse riding, billiards, table tennis, board games and simply, playing cards. To start the weekend, on Friday nights we celebrate Salsa and Zouk fusion whereby cocktails have a 20% discount for happy hour and on Saturday night’s we offer DJ and campfire in the gardens.

On special occasions and upon requests, we provide other musical entertainment including cultural & English bands or local circus shows. As event organizers, we can arrange any occasion from private parties to company cocktails, tailored to your expectations. For upcoming events




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